What Does Stage 3 Mean for Real Estate?

Monday Jul 20th, 2020


Congratulations! KFLA has now moved to Stage 3! We can now go to bars, indoor dining, playgrounds, movies and gyms in the Kingston and Napanee Area (while observing strict protocols).  Some businesses are still working out how they can work within the protocols but where you can, please shop local and support our businesses while they continue to adapt to how they serve the public.

The pandemic has already made big changes to a realtor's tools of the trade: I am always equipped with masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and wipes and covid declarations are required for all showings and listings.

The big difference for real estate is with respect to Open Houses. We can host Open Houses but there will be significant changes. Moving forward, visitors will need to provide ID (standard practice in larger areas) and contact information and sign a declaration about symptoms and contact history. Showings will be restricted to 2 people (1 party) at a time and there will be time limits.  If you need to wait,  please do so 6 feet apart. Masks/face coverings are mandatory and all will need to sanitize prior to entry. Once inside the house, it is a "no touching"  policy...think like a museum.  The house will be prepared with lights on, closets open and if something needs to be touched, the showing realtor will do that for you. 

Stay safe and we can keep moving forward: practice physical distancing, mask up, don't touch your face and wash, wash your hands!




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